Origin: USA
Genres: Atmospheric Hardcore
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Eyes Of Fire  

Mindrot turned some heads in their relatively short career in the mid-nineties with their unique take on bleak, doom/industrial metal. Several years later two members from that band have emerged in Eyes Of Fire, a band retaining a bit of the Mindrot past but in general forging a new path. Ashes To Embers, their 2004 debut album following an intro EP a year earlier, is a finely developed somber foray into semi-doom metal, with some songs wandering into Anathema territory and others retaining a crunchier, harshier style (see "Shelter" for an example). The band balance clean and harsh vocal styles effectively, with some hardcore-ish shouting in some songs but a fine clean style showing through on others. There are some clear Neurosis similarities on the lengthier tracks such as "Last Goodbye" and "Breathe", though in general these guys are less the Neurosis clones than other bands that have emerged lately. Ashes To Embers is an excellent album recommended for those into the more melancholic side of metal.

Current Members

Dan Kaufmann

guitars/vocals (ex-Mindrot)

Bobby Thomas

guitars (ex-Morgion)

Matt Fisher

bass/vocals (ex-Mindrot)

Pete Traux


Nick Bernadi


Former Members/Guests

Cary Petersen


Ben Smith


John Haddad



(EP) Disintegrate 
2003 Century Media
  1. Disintegrate
  2. Hopeless
  3. Anyone
  • Dan Kaufmann
  • Cary Petersen
  • Matt Fisher
  • Ben Smith
  • John Haddad

Ashes To Embers 
2004 Century Media
  1. The End Result Is Falling
  2. Empty
  3. Fly Away
  4. Hopeless
  5. Down
  6. Fear
  7. Breathe
  8. One More
  9. Anyone
  10. Shelter
  11. Last Goodbye
  12. Disintigrate
  • Dan Kaufmann
  • Cary Petersen
  • Matt Fisher
  • Ben Smith
  • John Haddad

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2006 Century Media
  1. Blood (This Consumes You)
  2. Gone Forever
  3. It All Dies Today
  4. True Love
  5. Dead to the World
  6. Falling Apart
  7. Salvation
  8. All Said and Done
  9. Fight Me
  10. Fire Inside
  • Dan Kaufmann
  • Bobby Thomas
  • Matt Fisher
  • Pete Traux
  • Nick Bernadi

Reviews:   Blabbermouth  Chronicles Of Chaos  Sea Of Tranquility  Metal Underground  Metal Observer 


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