Origin: Columbia, SC, USA


Dwarr is one of those historical oddities, the band equivalent of a blistered old man wandering aimlessly along a desert road. This is the work of one Duane Warr, who recorded two bizarre albums and then, as the story goes, found religion, disavowing his past works (destroying old tapes, that sort of thing), with two more later albums apparently not remotely metallic in any respect. Who knows what really was (or is, for that matter) going on in the mind of this man. Anyway, the most metallic of the four albums is apparently the second effort, Animals, and that's the one reviewed here. This is seriously messed-up, psychedelic trippy gloomy doom music, sometimes with a clear metal vibe and other times more along the lines of 60's acid rock, a strange sound for 1986 indeed. This is far from a developed work, with a tinny guitar sound and generally primitive production values, yet it's strangely compelling and, well, bizarre. Again, this is only occasionally metal in the normal sense, but it's clearly got the doom atmosphere of old Sabbath going for it, if not the outright heaviness. Finding original copies of this stuff is no doubt completely impossible these days, but tracking down the tunes is well worth it, purely for a what-the-hell point of view.

Current Members

Duane Warr

vocals/all instruments

Former Members/Guests

Ron Sparks



Starting Over 
  1. Starting Over
  2. Screams of Terror
  3. Reach for the Fire
  4. Christmas Shopping
  5. Cannabinol: The Elation
  6. Job's Revenge
  7. Lonely Ecstasy
  8. Candlelight
  9. March of the Insects
  10. I've Been Thinking
  • Duane Warr
  • Ron Sparks

  1. Animals
  2. Cannabinol: The Function
  3. That Deadly Night
  4. Are You Real
  5. Chocolate Mescaline
  6. Ghost Lovers
  7. Just Keep Running
  8. Evil Lures
  9. Lonely Space Traveler
  10. Time
  11. Heavy Vibrations
  12. Electric Shock
  13. Lucky Star
  • Duane Warr
  • Ron Sparks

Holy One 
  1. God's Chidren
  2. Caravan
  3. Bound and Chained
  4. Serenity
  5. Wounded Soul
  6. Conquest
  7. JezeBel
  8. Tommorow's Child
  9. Let the Wicked Die
  10. Dedication
  11. Frenzy
  12. Ode to Lucifer
  13. Holy One
  • Duane Warr

Times Of Terror 
  1. Trumpets
  2. Times of Terror
  3. Tramps and Pits
  4. Angry Waves
  5. Evil World
  6. Die Like Flies
  7. Days of Death
  8. Gates of Hell
  9. America
  10. Born to Die
  11. Takes Me Away
  12. Harmony
  • Duane Warr


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