Origin: Denmark
Genres: Thrash Metal
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It's a strange thing about Hank Shermann. His metal legacy is secure as one of the guitarists of the mighty Mercyful Fate, a band that rose to prominence in the 80's and is still alive, though in remission as of this writing. Yet, every few years or so, Shermann feels the need to start up a new project, usually displaying a more modern style than the classic Fate sound, as he if needs to prove he's still got it. He still does, of course, even if not every side project is a winner. In the past such projects have included Gutrix, Virus 7, and Force Of Evil, and now we have Demonica, formed with fellow Dane Klaus Hyr and, interestingly, including two stalwarts from the Bay Area thrash scene in guitarist Craig Locicero and drummer Mark Hernandez, both currently in the rejuvenated Forbidden. Like his past projects, Demonica is not a mere Mercyful Fate clone at all, instead opting for a modern yet classic (though not retro) thrash style, topped by Hyr's Tom Araya-inspired vocals. This is probably the heaviest band of all of Shermann's projects, and while Demonstrous is a shade on the generic side at times, it's a solid enough effort to bolster Hank's standing as a legendary metal guitarist.

Current Members

Klaus Hansen


Hank Shermann (Rene Krolmark)

guitars (ex-Brats, ex-Force Of Evil, Gutrix, Mercyful Fate, ex-Virus 7, ex-Zoser Mez)

Craig Locicero

guitars (Forbidden, ex-Manmade God)

Marc Grabowksi


Mark Hernandez

drums (ex-Defiance, ex-Forbidden, Re:Ignition, ex-Technocracy, ex-Torque)


2010 Massacre
  1. Demon Class
  2. Ghost Hunt
  3. Luscious Damned
  4. My Tongue
  5. Palace Of Class
  6. Alien Six
  7. Below Zero
  8. Fast And Furious
  9. Summoned
  10. Astronomica
  • Klaus Hansen
  • Hank Shermann
  • Craig Locicero
  • Marc Grabowksi
  • Mark Hernandez

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