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Daath is a band on the rise these days, due at least in part to their scoring a slot in Ozzfest 2007. The Atlanta-based group put out a self-released effort titled Futility in 2004 before signing to Roadrunner for their 2007 release The Hinderers. Their sound is slightly difficult to describe -- there's clearly a death metal base, with noticeable industrial touches (best reflected on the interesting "Dead On The Dance Floor" track) as well as a slight heavy nu-metal side (at least one reviewer called this "old-school death metal", which is way off the mark), which might draw comparisons to a band like DevilDriver. There's a lot of potential here, as the band has a knack for both sheer heaviness and the right accessible touches that should secure them a solid fan base going forward.

Current Members

Sean Zatorsky

vocals (ex-Chimaira)

Eyal Levi


Emil Werstler

guitars (ex-Chimaira)

Jeremy Creamer

bass (ex-Chimaira)

Kevin Talley

drums (Absence Of The Sacred, ex-Chimaira, ex-Dying Fetus, ex-Misery Index, ex-Six Feet Under)

Former Members/Guests

Sean Farber


Kris Dale (guest)


Mike Kameron


Eric Sanders (guest)



2004 self-released
  1. The One
  2. Placenta
  3. Filter
  4. Child Says
  5. Infestation
  6. Concentrate Living
  7. Blender for the Baby
  8. Slow
  9. Just for a Second
  10. Crystasis
  • Eyal Levi
  • Emil Werstler
  • Kris Dale
  • Mike Kameron
  • Eric Sanders

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The Hinderers 
2007 Roadrunner
  1. Subterfuge
  2. From The Blind
  3. Cosmic Forge
  4. Sightless
  5. Under A Somber Sign
  6. Ovum
  7. Festival Mass Soulform
  8. Above Lucium
  9. Who Will Take The Blame
  10. War Born (Tri-Adverserenade)
  11. Dead On The Dance Floor
  12. Blessed Through Misery
  13. Hinderers
  • Sean Farber
  • Eyal Levi
  • Emil Werstler
  • Jeremy Creamer
  • Mike Kameron
  • Kevin Talley

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The Concealers 
2009 Century Media
  1. Sharpen The Blades
  2. Self Corruption Manifesto
  3. The Worthless
  4. The Unbinding Truth
  5. Silenced
  6. Wilting On The Vine
  7. Translucent Potency
  8. Day Of Endless Light
  9. Duststorm
  10. ...Of Poisoned Sorrows
  11. Incestuous Amplification
  • Sean Zatorsky
  • Eyal Levi
  • Emil Werstler
  • Jeremy Creamer
  • Kevin Talley

Reviews:   Blabbermouth  Lords Of Metal  Metal Observer 

2010 Century Media
  1. Genocidal Maniac
  2. Destruction/Restoration
  3. Indestructible Overdose
  4. Double Tap Suicide
  5. The Decider
  6. Exit Plan
  7. Oxygen Burn
  8. Accelerant
  9. Arch {Enemy} Misanthrope
  10. Manufactured Insomnia
  11. A Cold Devotion
  12. N.A.T.G.O.D.
  13. Terminal Now

Reviews:   Chronicles Of Chaos  Lords Of Metal 


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