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Dreams Of Sanity  

Female-fronted metal bands are becoming quite the norm in Europe, and Austria's Dreams Of Sanity is fortunate to feature one of the best female singers in metal, in the form of Sandra Schleret. Dreams Of Sanity specializes in highly symphonic/classical hard rock, sometimes a shade on the poppy side but always with a professional edge. Lyrically the band has been quite adventurous, basing past albums on works such as "The Divine Comedy" (Komodia) and "The Phantom Of The Opera" (Masquerade, which includes a brilliant rendition of the main Phantom theme, sung by both Schleret and guest male vocalist Tilo Wolff), as well as their own complex concept album The Game. The first album, Komodia, marks the rare occurence of two female lead singers, as Schleret and Martina Hornbacher work wonderfully together.

Since The Game's release in 2000 the band had been in a state of transition, with a few lineup changes including the temporary departure of Schleret. Work had commenced on a fourth album, but in July 2002 the band announced its breakup.

Current Members

Sandra Schleret

vocals (ex-Elis)

Christian Marx


Andreas Wildaur


Michael Knoflach


Frederic Heil


Harald Obexer


Former Members/Guests

Martina Hornbacher

vocals (Alas, ex-Korova)

Stephan Manges


Romed Astner



1997 Hall Of Sermon
  1. Komödia I - The Beginning
  2. Beatrice (Instrumental)
  3. Komödia II - The Dream
  4. Komödia III - The Meeting
  5. Komödia IV - The Ending
  6. The Prophet
  7. Treesitter
  8. Blade of Doom
  • Sandra Schleret
  • Martina Hornbacher
  • Christian Marx
  • Andreas Wildaur
  • Michael Knoflach
  • Stephan Manges
  • Romed Astner

1999 Hall Of Sermon
  1. Opera
  2. The Phantom of the Opera
  3. Masquerade act 1
  4. Masquerade act 2
  5. Masquerade - Interlude
  6. Masquerade act 3
  7. Masquerade act 4
  8. Within (The Dragon)
  9. Lost Paradise '99
  • Sandra Schleret
  • Christian Marx
  • Andreas Wildaur
  • Michael Knoflach
  • Frederic Heil
  • Harald Obexer

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The Game 
2000 Hall Of Sermon
  1. In ...
  2. The Creature that you came to see
  3. Time to set the stones
  4. The Beginning that lies
  5. The Empress - Through the Looking Glass (A Dream?)
  6. A Window to the Sky
  7. And so (I walk on)
  8. we.ll.sea
  9. The Creature that you came to see (reprise)
  10. ... finity
  • Sandra Schleret
  • Christian Marx
  • Andreas Wildaur
  • Michael Knoflach
  • Frederic Heil
  • Harald Obexer

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