Origin: Washington, DC, USA
Genres: Eclectic Metal

Dog Fashion Disco  

The name of this band alone gives one a clue as to what plane these guys are operating on. This is twisted, demented, offbeat, irreverent stuff here. The band formed in Washington DC, eventually releasing three independent albums, the first two of which are by all accounts not representative of their current sound and are likely very difficult to find. By the time of The Embryo's In Bloom the style was largely in and in fact much of that album was re-recorded, plus some new tracks, for Anarchists Of Good Taste. A clear musical reference point is Mr. Bungle, especially the the carnivalesque keyboard work prevalent throughout. But Dog Fashion disco is more metallic and a bit more focused -- sure, the songs are twisted, and a host of outside influences can be heard if you listen, but they aren't so unstructured as to lose track of the fact that these are songs, not just meandering chaotic jam sessions. Some traditional metallists may not find this quite to their liking, but that's their loss, as this is highly entertaining music -- hardcore circus metal indeed! The band announced its breakup in December 2006.

Current Members

Todd Smith


Jason Stepp


Brian White


Tim Swanson


John Ensminger


Former Members/Guests

Greg Combs


Mark Ammen

bass (Unorthodox)

Steve Mears


Sennen Quigley


Jeff Seigel


Josh Gifford


Dave Sislen


Geoff Stewart


Matt Rippetoe

sax/folk instruments

Mike Oliver



Erotic Massage 
1997 self-released
  1. The Christian Dance Song
  2. G Eye Joe
  3. Wait
  4. Lost In Anacostia
  5. China White
  6. Communion
  7. Oral Spunk (Live In Moscow)
  8. Vernal Equinox
  9. Lookin For Love (Part One)
  10. Content
  11. Hypnotic Techno Underwater Encounter
  12. A Corpse Is A Corpse
  13. Bonus Track
  • Todd Smith
  • Greg Combs
  • Steve Mears
  • Josh Gifford
  • Dave Sislen
  • John Ensminger

Experiments In Alchemy 
1998 self-released
  1. Siddhis
  2. Primate
  3. Satanic Cowboy
  4. Pogo The Clown
  5. |en La Noche
  6. Scores For Porn
  7. Albino Rhino
  8. 9-5 At The Morgue
  9. Sexual Abyss
  • Todd Smith
  • Greg Combs
  • Mark Ammen
  • Sennen Quigley
  • Geoff Stewart
  • John Ensminger

The Embryo's In Bloom 
2000 Outer Loop
  1. Siamese Fever
  2. Toothless Dream
  3. G Eye Joe
  4. Leper Friend
  5. 9 to 5 At The Morgue
  6. Corpse Is A Corpse
  7. Pervert Fetus On The Beat
  8. Satanic Cowboy
  9. God Crisis
  • Todd Smith
  • Greg Combs
  • Steve Mears
  • Sennen Quigley
  • John Ensminger

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Anarchists Of Good Taste 
2001 Spitfire
  1. Leper Friend
  2. 9 to 5 At The Morgue
  3. Mushroom Cult
  4. Antiquity's Small Rewards
  5. Headless
  6. Corpse Is A Corpse
  7. Valley Girl Ventriloquist
  8. Pour Some Urine On Me
  9. Vertigo Motel
  10. Cartoon Autopsy
  11. Pink Riots
  • Todd Smith
  • Greg Combs
  • Steve Mears
  • Jeff Seigel
  • John Ensminger

Committed To A Bright Future 
2003 Spitfire
  1. Love Song For A Witch
  2. Rapist Eyes
  3. Dr. Piranha
  4. Fetus On The Beat
  5. Worm In A Dog's Heart
  6. Plastic Surgeons
  7. Pogo The Clown
  8. Castaway
  9. Nude In The Wilderness
  10. The Acid Memoirs
  11. Deja Vu
  12. The Magical Band Of Fools
  13. Scores For Porn
  14. China White
  15. Grease
  • Todd Smith
  • Greg Combs
  • Steve Mears
  • Jeff Seigel
  • John Ensminger

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THe City Is Alive Tonight ... Live In Baltimore 
2005 Artemis
  1. Worm In A Dog's Heart
  2. Rapist Eyes
  3. Baby Satan
  4. Love Song For A Witch
  5. Vertigo Motel
  6. Toothless Dream
  7. Acid Memoirs
  8. 9 To 5 At The Morgue
  9. Pink Riots
  10. Valley Girl Ventriloquist
  11. G Eye Joe
  12. Leper Friend
  13. Corpse Is A Corpse
  14. Breed
  15. Rat On A Sinking Ship
  16. Albino Rhino
  • Todd Smith
  • Jason Stepp
  • Brian White
  • Jeff Seigel
  • Matt Rippetoe
  • Mike Oliver

2006 Rotten
  1. The Uninvited Guest
  2. The Sacrifice Of Miss Rose Covington
  3. Silent Film
  4. Sweet Insanity
  5. Desert Grave
  6. Moonlight City Drive
  7. Private Eye
  8. The Darkest Days
  9. Dead Virgins Don't Sing
  10. The Hitchiker
  11. 100 Suicides
  12. Adultery
  13. Mature Audiences Only
  • Todd Smith
  • Jason Stepp
  • Brian White
  • Jeff Seigel
  • Matt Rippetoe
  • John Ensminger

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Beating A Dead Horse To Death ... Again  COMPILATION
2008 Rotten
  1. Baby Satan
  2. Day of the Dead
  3. Gardenia
  4. Rat on a Sinking Ship
  5. Devil's Wife
  6. Barely Breathing
  7. Satan's March
  8. Anaconda
  9. Worm in a Dog's Heart
  10. Rebel Yell
  11. 100 Suicides
  12. 9-5 at the Morgue
  13. Desert Grave
  14. Satanic Cowboy
  15. Magical Band of Fools
  16. Turning Gay
  17. Hank Steel the Real Queer Cowboy


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