Origin: Morris Plains, NJ, USA
Genres: Metalcore
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The Dillinger Escape Plan  

Twisted, insane, complex, unpredictable -- all in a day's work for The Dillinger Escape Plan. Rising from the New Jersey hardcore punk scene in 1997, the band's impossibly intricate arrangements with hardcore vocals was unique enough so that a new genre, mathcore, was coined to describe them, a genre that has since grown considerably. While clearly not a radio-friendly band, they've nonetheless managed a stellar career over the years, a career that was announced as coming to an end following touring for their 2016 album Disassociation.

Current Members

Greg Puciato

vocals (Killer Be Killed)

Ben Weinman


Kevin Antreassian

rhythm guitar

Liam Wilson


Billy Rymer


Former Members/Guests

Dimitri Minakakis


Mike Patton (guest)

vocals (Dead Cross, , Faith No More)

Brian Benoit


Jeff Tuttle


Adam Doll


Chris Pennie


Gil Sharone

drums (Marilyn Manson, Otep, Stolen Babies)


(EP) The Dillinger Escape Plan 
1997 Now Or Never
  1. Proceed With Caution
  2. I Love Secret Agents
  3. Monticello
  4. Cleopatra's Sling
  5. Caffiene
  6. Three For Flinching (Revenge Of The Porno Clowns)
  • Dimitri Minakakis
  • Ben Weinman
  • Adam Doll
  • Chris Pennie

(EP) Under The Running Board 
1997 Now Or Never
  1. The Mullet Burden
  2. Sandbox Magician
  3. Abe The Cop
  • Dimitri Minakakis
  • Ben Weinman
  • Adam Doll
  • Chris Pennie

Calculating Infinity 
1999 Relapse
  1. Sugar Coated Sour
  2. 43% Burnt
  3. Jim Fear
  4. *#
  5. Destro's Secret
  6. The Running Board
  7. Clip The Apex ... Accept Instruction
  8. Calculating Infinity
  9. 4th Grade Dropout
  10. Weekend Sex Change
  11. Variations On A Cocktail Dress
  • Dimitri Minakakis
  • Ben Weinman
  • Brian Benoit
  • Adam Doll
  • Chris Pennie

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(EP) Irony Is A Dead Scene 
2002 Epitaph
  1. Hollywood Squares
  2. Pig Latin
  3. When Good Dogs Do Bad Things
  4. Come To Daddy
  • Mike Patton
  • Ben Weinman
  • Brian Benoit
  • Liam Wilson
  • Chris Pennie

Miss Machine 
2004 Relapse
  1. Panasonic Youth
  2. Sunshine the Werewolf
  3. Highway Robbery
  4. Van Damsel
  5. Phone Home
  6. We are the Storm
  7. Clutch Field Tongs
  8. Setting Fire to Sleeping Giants
  9. Baby's First Coffin
  10. Unretrofied
  11. The Perfect Design
  • Greg Puciato
  • Ben Weinman
  • Brian Benoit
  • Liam Wilson
  • Chris Pennie

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Ire Works 
2007 Relapse
  1. Fix Your Face
  2. Lurch
  3. Black Bubblegum
  4. Sick On Sunday
  5. When Acting As A Particle
  6. Nong Eye Gong
  7. When Acting As A Wave
  8. 82588
  9. Milk Lizard
  10. Party Smasher
  11. Dead As History
  12. Horse Hunter
  13. Mouth Of Ghosts
  • Greg Puciato
  • Ben Weinman
  • Jeff Tuttle
  • Liam Wilson
  • Gil Sharone

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Option Paralysis 
2010 Season Of Mist
  1. Farewell, Mona Lisa
  2. Good Neighbor
  3. Gold Teeth On A Bum
  4. Crystal Morning
  5. Endless Endings
  6. Widower
  7. Room Full Of Eyes
  8. Chinese Whispers
  9. I Wouldn't If You Didn't
  10. Parasitic Twins
  • Greg Puciato
  • Ben Weinman
  • Liam Wilson
  • Billy Rymer

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One Of Us Is The Killer 
  1. Prancer
  2. When I Lost My Bet
  3. One of Us Is the Killer
  4. Hero of the Soviet Union
  5. Nothing's Funny
  6. Understanding Decay
  7. Paranoia Shields
  8. CH 375 268 277 ARS
  9. Magic That I Held You Prisoner
  10. Crossburner
  11. The Threat Posed by Nuclear Weapons
  • Greg Puciato
  • Ben Weinman
  • Liam Wilson
  • Billy Rymer

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  1. Limerent Death
  2. Symptom Of Terminal Illness
  3. Wanting Not So Much As To
  4. Fugue
  5. Low Feels Blvd
  6. Surrogate
  7. Honeysuckle
  8. Manufacturing Discontent
  9. Apologies Not Included
  10. Nothing To Forget
  11. Dissociation


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