Origin: Germany
Genres: Power Metal
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There must be a reason why a band would name themselves after a dessert, but I have yet to find that reason. Must be something lost in the translation. On to the music -- Custard is a German power/speed metal band, straight from the Gamma Ray / HammerFall / Helloween school. All the standards of the genre are here, from the high-pitched vocals, to the galloping riffs, to the requisite lyrical themes, to the singalong choruses. It's hard to praise a band that's so confined to a given style, yet it's also hard to fault the band since they do perform the style well and with conviction. Fans of the aforementioned bands will want to add these guys to their collection.

Current Members

Oliver Strasser


Carsten Reichart


Guido Girsch


Michael Marquardt


Markus Berghammer


Christian Klapper


Former Members/Guests

Guido Brieke


Karsten Knüppel


Dirk Wierczorek


Holger Simon


Robert Resinek


Jens Schröder



(EP) God Of Storm 
1995 Magic Dynamite
  1. God of storm
  2. Rest in peace
  3. Blessed by the light
  4. Trees of hope
  • Karsten Knüppel
  • Dirk Wierczorek
  • Michael Marquardt
  • Christian Klapper

Kingdoms Of Your Life 
1997 Point Music
  1. Remember the storm
  2. Imprisoned
  3. Promised land
  4. Kingdoms of your life
  5. Denials
  6. Failed mission
  7. Fading memories
  8. The sea
  9. Barricades
  • Karsten Knüppel
  • Dirk Wierczorek
  • Michael Marquardt
  • Christian Klapper

For The King 
2000 B.O.
  1. Rise
  2. Up To The Sky
  3. I Know You
  4. Caron's Call
  5. Signs
  6. Freedom For All
  7. Deliver Me
  8. Master Of The Dice
  9. Trees Of Hope
  10. Ambrosia
  11. For My King
  • Guido Brieke
  • Karsten Knüppel
  • Dirk Wierczorek
  • Michael Marquardt
  • Christian Klapper

Wheels Of Time 
2005 B.O.
  1. Fragments Of Eternity (Intro)
  2. Wheels Of Time
  3. Escape Reality
  4. Chance
  5. Inner Void
  6. One Step Too Far
  7. Sunrise
  8. Shine on
  9. Fade out
  10. Lost forever
  11. Scared
  • Guido Brieke
  • Karsten Knüppel
  • Holger Simon
  • Jens Schröder
  • Christian Klapper

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Forces Remain 
2008 Dr. Music
  1. Ancient Views (Intro)
  2. The Dragonslayer
  3. Creature
  4. Heaven Strikes
  5. Poke the Flames
  6. Enter the World
  7. Warcraft
  8. Kind of Peace
  9. Angel of Sorrow
  10. Final Stand
  11. For the Cross
  12. God of Storm
  13. Forces Remain (Outro)
  • Oliver Strasser
  • Carsten Reichart
  • Robert Resinek
  • Michael Marquardt
  • Christian Klapper

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Infested By Anger 
2012 Pure Steel
  1. Call of Ares
  2. Gods of War
  3. The Parachute Infantry
  4. Death from Above
  5. My Last Breath
  6. Black Friday
  7. Time to Bleed
  8. 300
  9. Endless Pain
  10. By Fire and Sword
  11. A Knight
  12. Dead Shall Rise
  13. Hellheart
  14. Only Dust
  15. Infested by Anger
  • Oliver Strasser
  • Carsten Reichart
  • Guido Girsch
  • Markus Berghammer
  • Christian Klapper

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A Realm Of Tales 
2017 Pure Steel
  1. Icy Stare
  2. Queen of Snow
  3. The Pied Piper
  4. Arabian Nights
  5. Snow White
  6. Snow Away
  7. The Little Match Girl
  8. Daughter of the Sea
  9. Witch Hunter
  10. Sign of Evil
  11. Bluebeard
  12. Forged in Fantasy


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