Origin: Borås, Sweden
Genres: Power Metal
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Crystal Eyes  

The Swedish band Crystal Eyes has carved out a successful mid-level career since their inception in 1992, mixing the classic power metal of early Helloween with some more traditional European mainstream metal influences. At this stage in their career they're unlikely to jump to the superstar range, as their style just doesn't stand out enough from their many contemporaries. What they do, they do quite well, though, and for that they deserve to be commended. This is not the band to convert non-power metal fans, but those into the Gamma Rays of the world, this is another band to check out.

Current Members

Mikael Dahl


Niclas Karlsson

guitars (ex-Zonata)

Claes Wikander


Martin Tilander


Former Members/Guests

Søren Nico Adamsen


Jonathan Nyberg


Pål Petterson


Kujtim Gashi


Stefan Svantesson



Gallery Of Demos  COMPILATION
  1. The Dragon´s Lair
  2. Victims Of The Frozen Hate
  3. Interstellar War
  4. Another Race
  5. Rage On The Sea
  6. The Final Sign
  7. Twilight Dreams
  8. Extreme Paranoia
  9. Winds Of The Free
  10. A Tale Of Forgotten Realms
  11. The Shadowed Path
  12. Strange Dimension
  13. Queen Of The Night
  14. Crystal Eyes
  15. We Are The Future

World Of Black And Silver 
1999 CLM
  1. Interstellar War
  2. Gods Of The World
  3. Winds of The Free
  4. The Power Behind The Throne
  5. The Dragon´s Lair
  6. Eyes Of The Forest Gloom
  7. Rage On The Sea
  8. Victims Of The Frozen Hate
  9. Extreme Paranoia
  10. Glory Ride
  11. World Of Black And Silver
  • Mikael Dahl
  • Jonathan Nyberg
  • Claes Wikander
  • Kujtim Gashi

In Silence They March 
2000 Shark
  1. Time Flight
  2. Cursed And Damned
  3. Sons Of Odin
  4. The Grim Reaper´s Fate
  5. The Undead King
  6. In Silence They March
  7. Adrian Blackwood
  8. Witch Hunter
  9. The Rising
  10. Knights Of Prey
  11. Somewhere Over The Sun
  12. Winternight
  • Mikael Dahl
  • Jonathan Nyberg
  • Claes Wikander
  • Kujtim Gashi

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Vengeance Descending 
2003 Heavy Fidelity
  1. Vengeance Descending
  2. Highland Revenge
  3. Mr.Failure
  4. Child of Rock
  5. Dream Chaser
  6. The Wizards Apprentice
  7. Metal Crusade
  8. The Beast In Velvet
  9. Heart of the Mountain
  10. Oblivion in the Visionary World
  • Mikael Dahl
  • Jonathan Nyberg
  • Claes Wikander
  • Stefan Svantesson

Reviews:   Metal Observer 

Confessions Of The Maker 
2005 Heavy Fidelity
  1. The Charioteer
  2. Confessions Of The Maker
  3. Northern Rage
  4. The Fools' Ballet
  5. The Terror
  6. Panic
  7. White Wolves
  8. The Burning Vision
  9. Revolution In The Shadowland
  10. Terminal Voyage
  11. Silent Angel
  • Mikael Dahl
  • Jonathan Nyberg
  • Claes Wikander
  • Stefan Svantesson

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Dead City Dreaming 
2006 Heavy Fidelity
  1. Dead City Dreaming
  2. Into The Light
  3. The Narrow Mind
  4. Wall Of Stars
  5. Battlefield
  6. The Quest Remains
  7. Dawn Dancer
  8. Roads Of Loneliness
  9. Temple Of Immortal Shame
  10. The Halls of Valhalla
  • Søren Nico Adamsen
  • Mikael Dahl
  • Claes Wikander
  • Stefan Svantesson

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2008 Metal Heaven
  1. Ride The Rainbow
  2. The Fire Of Hades
  3. The Devil Inside
  4. Waves Of War
  5. Dying In The Rain
  6. Fighting
  7. Shadow Rider
  8. Lonely Ball Of Fate
  9. Guardian
  • Søren Nico Adamsen
  • Mikael Dahl
  • Pål Petterson
  • Claes Wikander
  • Stefan Svantesson

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2014 Massacre
  1. Killer
  2. Warrior
  3. Hail the Fallen
  4. Solar Mariner
  5. Forgotten Realms
  6. Spotlight Rebel
  7. The Lord of Chaos
  8. Dreamers on Trial
  9. Dogs on Holy Ground
  • Mikael Dahl
  • Niclas Karlsson
  • Claes Wikander
  • Stefan Svantesson


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