Origin: Sweden
Genres: Death Metal
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Coldworker was founded in early 2006 by Nasum drummer Anders Jakobson shortly after the sad demise of that band (due to its founder, Mieszko Talarczyk, dying in the 2004 Asian tsunami disaster). While there are grindcore influences here and there on The Contaminated Void, in general this is far closer to typical brutal Swedish death metal than true grindcore. As such, it's got all the right elements for prime death metal, such as bludgeoning riffs, gruff vocals, and a good, if not dense production. It doesn't exactly overpower with originality, but then again this was a young band perhaps still looking for a direction. They followed up Void with two albums in 2008 and 2012 before disbanding in July 2013.

Current Members

Joel Fornbrant


Anders Bertilsson

guitars (ex-The Project Hate)

Daniel Schröder


Oscar Pålsson


Anders Jakobson

drums (ex-Nasum)

Former Members/Guests

André Alvinzi



The Contaminated Void 
2006 Relapse
  1. The Interloper
  2. D.E.A.D.
  3. An Unforgiving Season
  4. The Contaminated Void
  5. Death Smiles At Me
  6. A Custom-made Hell
  7. Return to Ashes
  8. Strain at the Leash
  9. Flammable
  10. Antidote
  11. They Crawl Inside Me Uninvited
  12. Waiting for Buildings to Collapse
  13. Heart Shaped Violence
  14. Generations Decay
  • Joel Fornbrant
  • Anders Bertilsson
  • André Alvinzi
  • Oscar Pålsson
  • Anders Jakobson

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Rotting Paradise 
2008 Relapse
  1. Reversing the Order
  2. Citizens of the Cyclopean Maze
  3. Symptoms of Sickness
  4. The Black Dog Syndrome
  5. Comatose State
  6. Paradox Lost
  7. The Last Bitter Twist
  8. Seizures
  9. The Machine
  10. I am the Doorway
  11. Scare Tactics
  12. Deliverance of the Rejected
  • Joel Fornbrant
  • Anders Bertilsson
  • Daniel Schröder
  • Oscar Pålsson
  • Anders Jakobson

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The Doomsayer's Call 
2012 Listenable
  1. A New Era
  2. The Reprobate
  3. The Glass Envelope
  4. Flesh World
  5. Murderous
  6. Pessimist
  7. Monochrome Existence
  8. Vacuum Fields
  9. Living is Suffering
  10. The Walls Of Eryx
  11. Violent Society
  12. Becoming The Stench
  13. The Phantom Carriage
  • Joel Fornbrant
  • Anders Bertilsson
  • Daniel Schröder
  • Oscar Pålsson
  • Anders Jakobson

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