Origin: England
Genres: NWOBHM
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Cloven Hoof  

Cloven Hoof burst onto the NWOBHM scene with quite some flair, featuring outlandish stage costumes (heavy Kiss- style makeup, futuristic-looking clothing), and bearing the stage names of Air (Lee Payne), Water (David Potter), Fire (Steve Rounds), and Earth (Kevin Poutney). The music (on their debut EP) was actually pretty good, bearing a heavy, dark NWOBHM sound with a slightly spacey feel to it. Despite the initial good press and music, the buzz surrounding the band faded relatively quickly, though they stuck around long enough to record several albums, the latter ones with an largely revamped lineup.

Years later, in 2003, came the announcement of a new lineup and possible album. At one point the entire Sultan's Ransom lineup was involved, but after a time a new lineup materialized surrounding sole original member Lee Payne. A new album, until recently entitled Power Corrupts but now called Eye Of The Sun, was in the works for a couple of years and, after several delays, was released in June 2006. Since then, curiously, the band has reverted to a previous lineup, with former members Russ North, Jon Brown, and Roy Chudobskyi rejoining Payne.

Current Members

Russ North

vocals (ex-Tredegar)

Joe Whelan


Chris Coss


Lee Payne


Peter Baker


Mark Gould

drums (ex-Bow Wow)

Former Members/Guests

David Potter


Rob Hendrick


Matt Moreton


Steve Rounds


Andy Wood

guitars (ex-Tredegar)

Andy Shortland


Ben Read

guitars (ex-Ulcerate)

Mick Powell


Kevin Pountney


Jon Brown


Orlin Radinsky



(EP) Opening Ritual 
1983 independent
  1. The Gates of Gehenna
  2. Storm rider
  3. Back in the U.S.A.
  4. Starship sentinel
  • David Potter
  • Steve Rounds
  • Lee Payne
  • Kevin Pountney

Cloven Hoof 
1984 Neat
  1. Cloven Hoof
  2. Nightstalker
  3. March Of The Damned
  4. The Gate Of Gehenna
  5. Crack The Whip
  6. Laying Down The Law
  7. Return Of The Passover
  • David Potter
  • Steve Rounds
  • Lee Payne
  • Kevin Pountney

Fighting Back 
1986 independent
  1. Reach For The Sky
  2. The Fugitive
  3. Daughter Of Darkness
  4. Heavy Metal Men Of Steel
  5. Raised On Rock
  6. Break It Up
  7. Could This Be Love?
  8. Eye Of The Sun
  • Rob Hendrick
  • Steve Rounds
  • Lee Payne
  • Kevin Pountney

1988 Heavy Metal
  1. Rising Up
  2. Nova Battlestar
  3. Reach For The Sky
  4. Warrior Of The Wasteland
  5. The Invaders
  6. Fisitive
  7. Dominator
  8. Road Of Eagles
  • Russ North
  • Andy Wood
  • Lee Payne
  • Jon Brown

A Sultan's Ransom 
1989 Heavy Metal
  1. Astral Rider
  2. Forgotten Heroes
  3. D.V.R.
  4. Jekyll & Hyde
  5. 1001 Nights
  6. Silver Suffer
  7. Notre Dame
  8. Mad, Mad Word
  9. Highlander
  10. Mistress Of The Forest
  • Russ North
  • Andy Wood
  • Lee Payne
  • Jon Brown

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Eye Of The Sun 
2006 Escape
  1. Inquisitor
  2. Eye of the Sun
  3. Cyberworld
  4. Kiss of Evil
  5. Eye of the Zombie
  6. Absolute Power
  7. Golgotha
  8. King for a Day
  9. Whore of Babylon
  10. Angels In Hell
  • Matt Moreton
  • Andy Shortland
  • Lee Payne
  • Orlin Radinsky

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The Definitive Part One 
2008 Elemental
  • Russ North
  • Ben Read
  • Lee Payne
  • Jon Brown

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(EP) Throne Of Damnation 
  • Matt Moreton
  • Ben Read
  • Mick Powell
  • Lee Payne
  • Jon Brown


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