Origin: Birmingham, England
Genres: Thrash Metal, Crossover
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Cerebral Fix  

One of the core early British thrash bands of the late eighties, Cerebral Fix's earlier roots lay more in the hardcore/crossover realm, as heard on their '88 debut Life Sucks ... And Then You Die!. By 1990 they were signed to Roadrunner Records and on that label they released their two best-known albums, Tower Of Spite and Bastards, with a style more firmly entrenched in the classic thrash of that time. After their fourth album (Death Erotica) they disbanded in 1993, but some thirteen years later a mostly original lineup announced their reformation.

Current Members

Neil Hadden


Tony Warburton

lead guitar

Greg Fellows

rhythm guitar

Chris Doss


Nigel Joiner


Andy Baker


Former Members/Guests

Simon Forrest


Steve Watson

bass (ex-Iron Monkey, Ravens Creed)

Frank Healey

bass (Benediction, ex-Sacrilege)

Adrian Jones


Kevin Frost

drums (ex-Metal Messiah)


Life Sucks ... And Then You Die 
1988 VinylSolutions
  1. Warstorm
  2. Cerebral Fix
  3. Looniverse
  4. Give Me Life
  5. Soap Opera
  6. Behind The Web
  7. Product Of Disgust
  8. Life Sucks
  9. Power Struggle
  10. Go
  11. Fear Of Death
  12. Acid Sick
  13. Skatedrunk
  14. Zombie
  15. Existing Not Living
  • Simon Forrest
  • Tony Warburton
  • Greg Fellows
  • Steve Watson
  • Adrian Jones

Tower Of Spite 
1990 Roadrunner
  1. Unity for Who?
  2. Enter the Turmoil
  3. Feast of the Fools
  4. Chasten of Fear
  5. Circle of the Earth
  6. Tower of Spite
  7. Injecting Out
  8. Quest for Midian
  9. Forgotten Genocide
  10. Des Mortes
  11. Irony
  • Simon Forrest
  • Tony Warburton
  • Greg Fellows
  • Frank Healey
  • Andy Baker

1991 Roadrunner
  1. Descent into the unconsciousness
  2. Veil of tears
  3. Beyond jerusalem
  4. Return to infinity
  5. Sphereborn
  6. I lost a friend
  7. Ritual abuse
  8. Mammonite
  9. third (mono-culture) I
  10. to beg
  11. survivors
  12. it up
  • Simon Forrest
  • Tony Warburton
  • Greg Fellows
  • Frank Healey
  • Kevin Frost

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Death Erotica 
1992 Music For Nations
  1. Death Erotica
  2. World Machine
  3. Clarissa
  4. Haunted Eyes
  5. Mind Within Mine
  6. Splintered Wings
  7. Creator Of Outcasts
  8. Angel's Kiss
  9. Still In Mind
  10. The Raft Of Medusa
  11. Never Again
  12. Too Drunk To Fuck
  13. Burning
  14. Livin' After Midnight
  • Simon Forrest
  • Tony Warburton
  • Greg Fellows
  • Frank Healey
  • Kevin Frost

Reviews:   Sea Of Tranquility 

Disaster Of Reality 
2016 Xtreem
  1. Justify
  2. Mosh Injury
  3. Crucified World
  4. Realities of War
  5. Skate Fear
  6. Reality Pill
  7. Dear Mother Earth
  8. Dead Cities
  9. Never Say Never Again
  10. Felted Cross
  11. Inside My Guts
  12. (Untitled Mystery Track)
  • Neil Hadden
  • Tony Warburton
  • Greg Fellows
  • Chris Doss
  • Nigel Joiner
  • Andy Baker


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