Origin: Dallas, TX, USA
Genres: Doom Metal
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Concept Of God  

Concept Of God is a side project put together by Solitude Aeturnus guitarist Steve Moseley, and in fact the entire quartet consists of either current or former members of that band. The project dates back as far as 2000 or so, but various issues preventing things from moving forward until 2007, when Visions was released (it was for many of the same reasons that Solitude Aeternus itself was dormant during that time). Visions is very much a classic doom album, owing even more to the masters such as Candlemass than SA does, with Robert Lowe again demonstrating why he's one of the top doom vocalists around. One might have thought this material would have been used by SA, but Moseley has stated that he felt the material was different enough to warrant the separate release. That's debateable, but doom fans can rejoice, since Visions is solid enough to stand on its own.

Current Members

Robert Lowe

vocals (ex-Candlemass, ex-Last Chapter, Solitude Aeturnus)

Steve Moseley

guitars (Solitude Aeturnus, Violent Storm)

James Martin

bass (Solitude Aeturnus)

John Covington

drums (ex-Solitude Aeturnus)


2007 Massacre
  1. Past Perfect
  2. Visions (Nightmares)
  3. Soul Embrace
  4. Hearing Voices
  5. Falling Down
  6. Traces
  7. Fires of Life
  8. Unspoken
  9. Man On The Silver Mountain
  • Robert Lowe
  • Steve Moseley
  • James Martin
  • John Covington

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