Origin: New York, NY, USA
Genres: Christian Metal, Industrial

Circle Of Dust  

Circle Of Dust was a one-man project manned by Klay Scott, though he has performed under various stage names in the past. The music here (at least on the earlier material) is squarely in the Skrew/Skrew mold of classic industrial metal. The discography is a particularly confusing one, with the debut album re-recorded and re-released in 1995 with the same title and artwork but with some different tracks, and the Brainchild album also released with the band name being "Brainchild" and the title being "Mindwarp", for reasons unknown. The band's earlier work was at least somewhat Christian-related (R.E.X. is a Christian record label), but more recent interviews with Scott indicate he is somewhat disillusioned with the Christian metal scene. Scott has recently founded a new solo project under the name Celldweller (link below).

Current Members

Klay Scott

vocals/all instruments


Circle Of Dust 
1992 R.E.X.
  1. Exploration
  2. Dissolved
  3. Night Fall
  4. Nothing Sacred
  5. Twisted Reality
  6. Technological Disguise
  7. Consequence
  8. Demoralize
  9. Rational Lies
  10. Senseless Abandon

1992 R.E.X.

1994 R.E.X.
  1. Cranial Tyrant
  2. Telltale Crime
  3. Prayers Of A Dead Man
  4. Regressor
  5. Enshrined
  6. Course Of Ruin
  7. Descend
  8. Deviate
  9. Pale Reflection
  10. Aggressor (Regressive Mix)

Circle Of Dust 
1995 R.E.X.
  1. Onenemy
  2. Demoralize
  3. Self Inflict
  4. Rational Lies
  5. Nightfall
  6. Twisted Reality
  7. Consequence
  8. Dissolved
  9. Nothing Sacred
  10. Parasite
  11. Bed Of Nails

1998 independent
  1. Waste Of Time
  2. Refractor
  3. Yurasaka
  4. Babylon
  5. Chasm
  6. Thulcandra
  7. Blindeye
  8. Mesmerized
  9. Perelandra
  10. You Are Fragile
  11. Chasm (version 0)
  12. Refractor (version 1)
  13. Levler 1 (Easier To Hate)
  14. Hate Opened Wide
  15. Levler 2 (Alone To Die)
  16. Deadly Love (Censored Version)


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