Origin: Sweden
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Corporation 187  

Kudos to these Swedish thrashers for coming up with an unconventional band name (according to an interview, 187 is a police code for murder). Featuring a couple of members with ties to another Swedish thrash band (Satanic Slaughter), Corporation 187's music is modern deathy thrash, with scratchy lead vocals that seem to be standard in the Swedish extreme scene these days. The band is heavy, tight and energetic, though they aren't quite as diverse or as original as one might like. Still, they are a worthy addition to those favoring death/thrash metal.

Current Members

Magnus Pettersson


Olof Knuttson


Viktor Klint


Robert Eng

drums (ex-Satanic Slaughter)

Former Members/Guests

Pelle Severin


Filip Carlsson

vocals (Satanic Slaughter)

Jonas Ekstrom



Subliminal Fear 
2000 Wicked World
  1. Caught inside your mind
  2. With your sins
  3. Straw coloured corpse
  4. Paralyzed
  5. Frustrations
  6. Subliminal Fear
  7. Hypnotic Illusions
  8. Souls
  9. Hope is lost
  10. Low pitched
  • Pelle Severin
  • Magnus Pettersson
  • Olof Knuttson
  • Jonas Ekstrom
  • Robert Eng

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Perfection In Pain 
2002 Wicked World
  1. Religious Connection
  2. Ghosts of Confusion
  3. Liquid Truth
  4. My Life to Kill
  5. Thursday-Night Aggression
  6. Perfection in Pain
  7. 2nd Pain
  8. Strange is Strong
  9. Violated Relation
  10. The Joy of Being Addicted
  • Filip Carlsson
  • Magnus Pettersson
  • Olof Knuttson
  • Viktor Klint
  • Robert Eng

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Newcomers Of Sin 
2008 Anticulture
  1. Provoking the Prophet
  2. Newcomers of Sin
  3. My Sickness
  4. Question the Light
  5. Suffer as One
  6. Teaching the Sick, Feeding the Dead
  7. Procession
  8. Madhouse
  9. Cardiac
  10. I'm The New Messiah
  11. Virus Nation
  • Filip Carlsson
  • Magnus Pettersson
  • Olof Knuttson
  • Viktor Klint
  • Robert Eng

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