Origin: Mexico
Genres: Death Metal
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As the legend goes, Brujeria is an extreme underground band, consisting of various Mexican drug lords and/or murderers, who are so notorious that they must keep their identities unknown as they release albums. A great story, but of course it's not the truth. In actuality Brujeria is a side project led by Dino Cazares of Fear Factory. Exactly who has recorded here on which albums isn't quite clear (the pseudonyms listed below may not match up to the real names), but the core of the band, at least at one time, consisted of Cazares, Billy Gould (ex-Faith No More), Raymond Herrera (also of Fear Factory), Shane Embury (Napalm Death), and Pat Hoed from the punk band Down By Law, though the current lineup no longer features Herrera or Gould, but does involve Nick Barker (Dimmu Borgir). With three bass players in the mix, one might expect a lower-end sound, and that's exactly what Brujeria is all about -- dirty, down-tuned, grungy death metal, with lyrics sung entirely in Spanish (and not very friendly lyrics at that, as anyone with just passing familiarity with Spanish curse words can attest). Quite cool, actually. They aren't without a sense of humor either -- who else could record a death metal version of the Macarena and call it "Marijuana"?

The band hasn't recorded an album since 2000, but have released the odd single (one as recently as 2014), so the band is active in one form or another.

Current Members

Juan Brujo (John Lepe)


Asesino (Dino Cazares)

guitars (Asesino, Divine Heresy, Fear Factory)

Fantasma (Pat Hoed)


Hongo (Shane Embury)

bass (Insidious Disease, Lock Up, Menace, ex-Meathook Seed, Napalm Death)

Pinche Peach


Hongo Jr. (Nick Barker)

drums (ex-Cradle Of Filth, ex-Dimmu Borgir, Lock Up, ex-Old Man's Child, ex-Testament)

Former Members/Guests

Guero Sin Fe (Billy Gould)

bass/guitars (Faith No More, Harmful)

Greņudo (Raymond Herrera)

drums (Arkaea, ex-Asesino, ex-Fear Factory)


Matando Gueros 
1993 Roadrunner
  1. Pura de Venta
  2. Lleyes Narcos
  3. Sacrificio
  4. Santa Lucfa
  5. Matando Gueros
  6. Seis Seis Seis
  7. Cruza la Frontera
  8. Grenudos Locos
  9. Chingo de Mecos
  10. Narcos-Satanicos
  11. Desperado
  12. Culeros
  13. Misas Negras (Sacrificio III)
  14. Chinga Tu Madre (Brujeria)
  15. Verga del Brujo/Estan Chingados
  16. Molestando Ninos Muertos
  17. Machetazos (Sacrificio II)
  18. Castigo del Brujo
  19. Cristo de la Roca
  • Juan Brujo
  • Asesino
  • Guero Sin Fe
  • Fantasma
  • Hongo
  • Greņudo

Raza Odiada 
1995 Roadrunner
  1. Raza Odiado (Pito Wilson)
  2. Colas de Rata
  3. Hechando Chingasos (Grenudo Locos II)
  4. Migra (Cruza la Frontera II)
  5. Revolucion
  6. Consejos Narcos
  7. Almas de Venta
  8. Ley de Plomo
  9. Tengo Colgando (Chingo de Mecos II)
  10. Sesos Humanos (Sacrificio IV)
  11. Primer Meco
  12. Patron
  13. Hermanos Menendez
  14. Radre Nuestro
  15. Ritmos Santanicos
  • Juan Brujo
  • Asesino
  • Guero Sin Fe
  • Fantasma
  • Hongo
  • Greņudo

Reviews:   Chronicles Of Chaos 

2000 Roadrunner
  1. Brujerizmo
  2. Vayan Sin Miedo
  3. La Traicion
  4. Pititis, Te Invoco
  5. Laboritorio Cristalitos
  6. Division Del Norte
  7. Marcha De Odio
  8. Anti-Castro
  9. Cuiden A Los Ninos
  10. El bajon
  11. Mecosario
  12. El Desmadre
  13. Sida De La Mente
  • Juan Brujo
  • Asesino
  • Guero Sin Fe
  • Fantasma
  • Hongo
  • Greņudo

(EP) Marijuana 
2000 Tee Pee
  1. Marijuana
  2. Matando Gueros '97
  3. Pito Wilson
  4. Echando Chingazos
  5. Matando Gueros
  • Juan Brujo
  • Asesino
  • Guero Sin Fe
  • Fantasma
  • Hongo
  • Greņudo

Mextremist! Greatest Hits 
2001 Kool Arrow
  1. Seis Seis Seis
  2. Santa Incia
  3. Sacrificio
  4. Machetazos
  5. Padre Nuestro
  6. Muertos
  7. Castigo del Brujo
  8. Matando Gueros '97
  9. Narco-Peda
  10. Brujo Cirujano
  11. Ascsino
  12. Hechando Chingasos
  13. Poseido
  14. Cristo de in Roca
  15. Papa Capado
  16. Scran Mios Para Siempre
  17. Mecosario
  18. Marijuana


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