Origin: Chicago, IL, USA
Genres: Death Metal
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Broken Hope  

Broken Hope forged a mid-level career in the gore/death metal field, recording five albums between 1991 and 1999. They were accomplished if not really unique, with a mid-paced style complemented by typically low-pitched gurgly death vocals. They announced their disbanding in April 2002, by which time the lineup was a few memmbers removed from their last album of three years prior. At least two new projects were announced shortly after the breakup (these being Earthburner and Incivism), though neither has yet recorded anything substantial and may or may not still be active. Band leader Brian Griffin formed a side project called Em Sinfonia a few years ago, along with a couple of other Broken Hope members, but that band hasn't been heard from in a couple of years either.

Current Members

Damien Leski


Jeremy Wagner

guitars (Lupara)

Matt Szlachta

guitars (ex-Chimaira)

Diego Soria


Mike Miczek


Former Members/Guests

Joe Ptacek

vocals RIP: January 20, 2010, suicide

Brian Griffin

guitars (Em Sinfonia)

Chuck Wepfer


Ed Hughes


Shaun Glass

bass (ex-Sindrome)

Sean Baxter

bass (ex-Council Of The Fallen, Em Sinfonia)

Ryan Stanek

drums RIP: March 1, 2015, age 42

Larry DeMumbrum

drums (Em Sinfonia)


Swamped In Gore 
1991 Grindcore
  1. Borivojs Demise (Intro)
  2. Incinerated
  3. Swamped In Gore
  4. Bag Full Of Parts
  5. Dismembered Carcass
  6. Devourer Of Souls
  7. Awakened By Stench
  8. Gorehog
  9. Gobbling The Guts
  10. Cannibal Crave
  11. Claustrophobic Agnostic Dead
  • Joe Ptacek
  • Brian Griffin
  • Jeremy Wagner
  • Ed Hughes
  • Ryan Stanek

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The Bowels Of Repugnance 
1993 Metal Blade
  1. Repugnance
  2. The Dead Holf
  3. Corpophagia
  4. The Came Out In Chunks
  5. Peeled
  6. Hobo Stew
  7. Decimated Henitalia
  8. Preacher Of Sodomy
  9. Remember My Members
  10. Waterlogged
  11. Embryonic Tri-Clops
  12. Drinking The Ichor
  13. Felching Vampires
  • Joe Ptacek
  • Brian Griffin
  • Jeremy Wagner
  • Ed Hughes
  • Ryan Stanek

Repulsive Conception 
1995 Metal Blade
  1. Dilation And Extraction
  2. Grindbox
  3. Chewed To Stubs
  4. Engorged With Impiety
  5. Erotic Zoophilism
  6. Pitbull Grin
  7. Into The Necrosphere
  8. Essence Of Human Pain
  9. The Internal Twin
  10. Penis Envy
  11. For Only The Sick
  12. Freezerburnt
  13. Imprimus Obscurity
  • Joe Ptacek
  • Brian Griffin
  • Jeremy Wagner
  • Shaun Glass
  • Ryan Stanek

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1997 Metal Blade
  1. Siamese Screams
  2. Translucence
  3. The Cloning
  4. Reunited
  5. High On Formaldehyde
  6. A Window To Hell
  7. Skin Is In
  8. Auction Of The Dead
  9. He Was Raped
  10. I Am God
  11. Deadly Embrace
  • Joe Ptacek
  • Brian Griffin
  • Jeremy Wagner
  • Shaun Glass
  • Ryan Stanek

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Grotesque Blessings 
1999 The Plague
  1. Wolf Among Sheep
  2. Chemically Castrated
  3. Necro-Fellatio
  4. Christ Consumed
  5. War-Maggot
  6. Earth Burner
  7. Internal Inferno
  8. Razor Cunt
  9. Hate Machine
  • Joe Ptacek
  • Brian Griffin
  • Jeremy Wagner
  • Sean Baxter
  • Larry DeMumbrum

Reviews:   Chronicles Of Chaos  Lords Of Metal  Metal Observer 

Omen Of Disease 
2013 Century Media
  1. Septic Premonitions
  2. Womb of Horrors
  3. Ghastly
  4. The Flesh Mechanic
  5. Rendered into Lard
  6. Omen of Disease
  7. The Docking Dead
  8. Give Me the Bottom Half
  9. Predacious Poltergeist
  10. Blood Gullet
  11. Carnage Genesis
  12. Choked Out and Castrated
  13. Incinerated (2013 Redux)
  • Damien Leski
  • Jeremy Wagner
  • Chuck Wepfer
  • Shaun Glass
  • Mike Miczek


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