Origin: San Antonio, TX, USA
Genres: Progressive Metal, Instrumental
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Blotted Science  

Ron Jarzombek is a name familiar to many in the metal world, as he first rose to prominence in the mighty Watchtower (actually, he appeared in the lesser-known Slayer (SA) some years previous), and later put together the entertaining metal/fusion project Spastic Ink. Blotted Science is his latest go-around with a new crew, and it's not too far removed from Spastic Ink, that being instrumental, highly technical prog/fusion/metal. Though it's chaotic and twisted, it's arguably a shade less over-the-top than some more contemporary tech bands, perhaps due to Jarzombek still retaining some old-school values. The surprise here might be bassist Alex Webster -- Jarzombek's previous works speak for themselves, and Charlie Zeleny has already proven himself a drumming monster with Behold The Arctopus, but Webster doesn't normally get to show this kind of range in Cannibal Corpse, and he proves himself up to the task. Jarzombek's got this style nailed, making The Machines Of Dementia a no-brainer recommendation to prog/tech metal fans.

Current Members

Ron Jarzombek

guitars (ex-Gordian Knot, ex-Slayer (SA), Spastic Ink, Watchtower)

Alex Webster

bass (Cannibal Corpse, Conquering Dystopia, ex-Hate Eternal)

Hannes Grossmann

drums (Alkaloid, ex-Necrophagist, ex-Obscura)

Former Members/Guests

Charlie Zeleny

drums (ex-Behold The Arctopus, ex-Kayo Dot)


The Machinations Of Dementia 
2007 self-released
  1. Synaptic Plasticity
  2. Laser Lobotomy
  3. Brain Fingerprinting
  4. Oscillation Cycles
  5. Activation Synthesis Theory
  6. REM
  7. Night Terror
  8. Bleeding In The Brain
  9. Vegetation
  10. Narcolepsy
  11. EEG Tracings
  12. Sleep Deprivation
  13. The Insomniac
  14. Amnesia
  15. Adenosine Breakdown
  16. Adenosine Buildup
  • Ron Jarzombek
  • Alex Webster
  • Charlie Zeleny
2007 BNR Top Ten album

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(EP) The Animation Of Entomology 
2011 self-released
  1. Ingesting Blattaria
  2. Cretaceous Chasm
  3. Vermicular Asphyxiation
  4. A Sting Operation: I. Human Barbequed
  5. A Sting Operation: II. Cessation Sanitation
  6. A Sting Operation: III. Seeing Dead People
  7. A Sting Operation: IV. Omitting Eyes
  • Ron Jarzombek
  • Alex Webster
  • Hannes Grossmann


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