Origin: Helsinki, Finland
Genres: Goth Rock/Metal
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Babylon Whores  

Babylon Whores were formed in 1994 by frontman Ike Vil, released several assorted albums, singles, and EPs throughout the mid-nineties, culminating in 2002's Death Of The West. They are one of several recent Finnish bands with at least a passing interest in goth, but while many of their countrymen take a more poppy, dreary take on that genre (such as To/Die/For, H.I.M., or Entwine), the Whores are more into grungy hard rock/metal, putting them more in the Danzig camp. They compare favorably in style and quality to Tenebre, both bands clearly influenced by Glenn but adding their own unique twists to his style. King Fear, the 1999 album reviewed here, is quite good, with tunes that are catchy ("Errata Stigmata", with its memorable 'say you love satan' chorus, and "Hand Of Glory" are notable examples) and just plain rock hard. They seem to be either inactive or disbanded as of this writing.

Current Members

Ike Vil


Antti Litmanen


Daniel Stuka


Pete Liha


Former Members/Guests

Jussi Konttinen


Ewo Meichem


Jake Babylon





(EP) Sloane 313 
1995 Sugar Cult
  1. Of Blowjobs and Cocktails
  2. Cold Hummingbird
  3. Babylon Astronaut
  4. Silver Apples
  • Ike Vil
  • Jussi Konttinen
  • Ewo Meichem
  • Jake Babylon
  • Pete Liha

(EP) Trismegistos 
1996 Sugar Cult
  1. Love Under Will
  2. Hellboy
  3. Speed Doll
  4. Beyond The Sun
  5. Trismegistos
  • Ike Vil
  • Antti Litmanen
  • Ewo Meichem
  • Jake Babylon
  • Kouta

Cold Heaven 
1997 Music For Nations
  1. Deviltry
  2. Omega Therion
  3. Beyond The Sun
  4. Metatron
  5. Enchiridion For A Common Man
  6. In Arcadia Ego
  7. Babylon Astronaut
  8. Flesh Of A Swine
  9. Cold Heaven
  • Ike Vil
  • Antti Litmanen
  • Ewo Meichem
  • Jake Babylon
  • Kouta

(EP) Deggael 
1998 Spinefarm
  1. Dog Star ?
  2. Sol Niger
  3. Somniferum
  4. Omega Therion
  5. Emerald Green
  6. Deggael: A Ratīs God
  • Ike Vil
  • Antti Litmanen
  • Ewo Meichem
  • Jake Babylon
  • Pete Liha

King Fear 
1999 Necropolis
  1. Errata Stigmata
  2. Radio Werewolf
  3. Hand of Glory
  4. Veritas
  5. Skeleton Farm
  6. To Behold the Suns Below
  7. Exit Eden
  8. Sol Niger
  9. Fey
  10. King Fear: Song For The Damned
  • Ike Vil
  • Antti Litmanen
  • Jake Babylon
  • Pete Liha

Death Of The West 
2002 Spinefarm
  1. Life Fades Away
  2. Hall Abloom
  3. Mother Of Serpents
  4. Lucibel (The Good Spirits Of Europe)
  5. Dating With Witchcraft
  6. Death In Prague
  7. A Pale Horse Against Time
  8. Eveningland
  • Ike Vil
  • Antti Litmanen
  • Daniel Stuka
  • Pete Liha


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