Origin: Kristiansand, Norway
Genres: Death Metal
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Blood Red Throne  

Blood Red Throne was formed in 1998 by guitarists Tchort and Død, who at the time were both touring members of Satyricon and who both currently have their own main bands (Green Carnation and Scariot, respectively). Blood Red Throne is nothing like either of those bands, but instead is a healthy dose of Floridian-style death metal, with a superb production highlighting the crunchy riffs and standout vocals of one Mr. Hustler (though he's no longer here). Everything is in place here, from well-placed solos to grinding riffs to plenty of variance in tempos. One of the few Norwegian bands playing brutal death metal, this is an excellent band for the style.

Current Members

Yngve Christiansen


Død (Daniel Olaisen)

guitars (Scariot, Zerozonic)

Ivan Gujic


Ole Bent Madsen


Freddy Bolsø

drums (ex-Scariot)

Former Members/Guests

Mr. Hustler (Flemming Gluch)


Vald (Osvald Egeland)


Tchort (Terje Vik Schei)

guitars (Carpathian Forest, ex-Emperor, Green Carnation)

Erlend Caspersen

bass (Deeds Of Flesh)

Espen Antonsen


Bernt A. Moen

drums (ex-Green Carnation)

Anders Haave


Emil Wiksten



Monument Of Death 
2001 Hammerheart
  1. Portrait of a Killer
  2. Souls of Damnation
  3. The Children Shall Endure...
  4. Dream Controlled Murder
  5. Mary Whispers of Death
  6. Ravenous War Machine
  7. Malignant Nothingness
  8. Monument Of Death
  9. Path of Flesh
  • Mr. Hustler
  • Død
  • Tchort
  • Erlend Caspersen
  • Freddy Bolsø

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(MCD) A Taste Of Blood 
2002 Hammerheart
  1. Ravenous War Machine
  2. The Children Shall Endure
  3. Mary Whispers Of Death
  4. Monument of death
  5. Cryptic Realms
  6. Malignant Nothingness
  • Mr. Hustler
  • Død
  • Tchort
  • Erlend Caspersen
  • Espen Antonsen

Affiliated With The Suffering 
2003 Hammerheart
  1. Unleashing Hell
  2. A Dream of Death
  3. Bleeders Lament
  4. Mandatory Homicide/Death Inc.
  5. Razor Jack
  6. Chaos Rising!
  7. Gather the Dead
  8. Affiliated With The Suffering
  9. Malediction
  • Mr. Hustler
  • Død
  • Tchort
  • Erlend Caspersen
  • Espen Antonsen

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Altered Genesis 
2005 Earache
  1. Death of Birth
  2. Incarnadine Mangler
  3. Tortured Soul Appearance
  4. Eye-Licker
  5. Mephitication
  6. Arterial Lust
  7. Flesh To Destroy
  8. Ripsaw resentment
  9. Altered Genesis - Creation and Sudden Demise
  10. Smite
  11. State Of Darkness
  12. Deliberate Carnage
  • Mr. Hustler
  • Død
  • Tchort
  • Erlend Caspersen
  • Bernt A. Moen

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Come Death 
2007 Earache
  1. Slaying the Lamb
  2. Deranged Assassin
  3. Rebirth in Blood
  4. Guttural Screams
  5. Taste of God
  6. No New Beginning
  7. Come Death
  8. Disincarnated
  9. Another Kill
  • Vald
  • Død
  • Tchort
  • Erlend Caspersen
  • Anders Haave

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Souls Of Damnation 
2009 Earache
  1. The Light, The Hate
  2. Harme
  3. Your Cold Flesh
  4. Human Fraud
  5. Demand
  6. Throne Of Damnation
  7. Prove Yourself Dead
  8. Not Turgenjev, But Close
  9. Ten Steps Of Purgatory
  • Vald
  • Død
  • Tchort
  • Erlend Caspersen
  • Anders Haave

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Brutalitarian Regime 
2011 Severed
  1. Brutalitarian Regime
  2. Graveworld
  3. Trapped Terrified Dead
  4. Eternal Decay
  5. Games of Humiliation
  6. The Burning
  7. Proliferated Unto Hemophobia
  8. Melena
  9. Parnassian Cacoepy
  10. Twisted Truth
  • Vald
  • Død
  • Ivan Gujic
  • Erlend Caspersen
  • Emil Wiksten

Blood Red Throne 
2013 Severed
  1. Soulseller
  2. In Hell I Roam
  3. Hymn of the Asylum
  4. Primitive Killing Machine
  5. Deatholation
  6. Torturewhore
  7. Exoneration Manifesto
  8. Dødens Makt
  9. March of the Undying
  • Yngve Christiansen
  • Død
  • Ivan Gujic
  • Ole Bent Madsen
  • Emil Wiksten

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Union Of Flesh And Machine 
2016 Candlelight
  1. Revocation of Humankind
  2. Proselyte Virus
  3. Patriotic Hatred
  4. Homicidal Ecstacy
  5. Martyrized
  6. Union of Flesh and Machine
  7. Legacy of Greed
  8. Exposed Mutation
  9. Primal Recoil
  10. Leather Rebel (Judas Priest cover)
  11. Mary Whispers of Death
  • Yngve Christiansen
  • Død
  • Ivan Gujic
  • Ole Bent Madsen
  • Freddy Bolsø

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