Origin: NJ, USA
Genres: 80's Metal
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A cult 80's speed/thrash band, Attacker's sound contained several trademarks of the sound of the day, namely Halford-esque screams and a pre-thrash speed metal style. They had family ties to Hades, as they essentially switched bassists before their respective first albums. They released two albums in the eighties but broke up in 1989.

After 12 years of inactivity, two factions emerged in 2001 in the guise of Attacker reformations. The first was headed by former vocalist Bob Mitchell, with the second consisting of other ex-members. Both groups laid claim to the Attacker name, and so Mitchell decided to change the name of his band to Vyndykator, and an album under that name was released in 2002. Eventually Mitchell and the other members resolved their differences, with the result being a new version of Attacker with Mitchell as vocalist. The comeback album, Soul Taker, was released in early 2004, followed by The Unknown two years later.

Current Members

Bobby Lucas

vocals (ex-Overlorde, ex-Seven Witches)

Jon Hasselbrink


Mike Benetados

guitars (ex-Jersey Dogs)

Brian Smith

bass (ex-Hall Aflame)

Mike Sabatini

drums (ex-Jersey Dogs)

Former Members/Guests

Bob Mitchell

vocals (ex-Alchemy X, Sleepy Hollow, Vyndykator)

John Leone

vocals (ex-Phantom Lord) RIP: 1994

Pat Marinelli


Jim Mooney

guitars RIP: July 27, 2000

Tom D'Amico


Lou Ciarlo

bass (ex-Jersey Dogs)

Felix Torres


Jon Hanemann



Battle At Helms Deep 
1985 Metal Blade
  1. The Hermit
  2. The Wrath Of Nevermore
  3. Disciple
  4. Downfall
  5. Slayer's Blade
  6. Battle At Helm's Deep
  7. Kick Your Face
  8. Dance Of The Crazies
  9. (Call On) The Attacker
  • Bob Mitchell
  • Pat Marinelli
  • Jim Mooney
  • Lou Ciarlo
  • Mike Sabatini

The Second Coming 
1988 Mercenary
  1. Lords Of Thunder
  2. Zero Hour
  3. Captives Of Babylon
  4. Octagon
  5. The Madness
  6. Desecration
  7. Emanon
  8. Revelations Of Evil
  • John Leone
  • Pat Marinelli
  • Tom D'Amico
  • Lou Ciarlo
  • Mike Sabatini

Soul Taker 
2004 Iron Glory
  1. The End
  2. Forgotten
  3. Sleepy Hollow
  4. Tortured
  5. Soul Taker
  6. Jack
  7. The Conquerors
  8. Return To Mordor
  9. Raging Fist
  10. Until We Meet Again
  • Bob Mitchell
  • Pat Marinelli
  • Mike Benetados
  • Felix Torres
  • Mike Sabatini

The Unknown 
2006 Sentinel Steel
  1. This is Power
  2. Anger Aggression
  3. Blessed With This Curse
  4. The Unknown
  5. Nail it Down
  6. I Am Sinn
  7. Your Own World
  8. Devil's War
  9. Brainshake
  10. Tieneblas
  11. Fear of Disgrace
  • Bob Mitchell
  • Pat Marinelli
  • Mike Benetados
  • Lou Ciarlo
  • Mike Sabatini

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Standing The Test Of Time  COMPILATION
2007 Chavis
  1. (Call On) The Attacker
  2. Slayer's Blade
  3. Disciple
  4. The Hermit
  5. Zero Hour
  6. Captives Of Babylon
  7. Desecration
  8. Revelations Of Evil
  9. Soul Taker
  10. Jack
  11. Sleepy Hollow
  12. The End
  13. The Unknown
  14. Nail It Down
  15. I Am Sinn
  16. This Is Power

Giants Of Canaan 
2013 Metal On Metal
  1. Giants Of Canaan
  2. Trapped In Black
  3. The Hammer
  4. Born Into Battle
  5. Black Winds Rising
  6. Steel Vengeance
  7. Curse The Light
  8. Sands Of Time
  9. Washed In Blood
  10. Chronicle 1 (The Reformation)
  • Bobby Lucas
  • Pat Marinelli
  • Mike Benetados
  • Jon Hanemann
  • Mike Sabatini

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Sins Of The World 
2017 Metal On Metal
  1. A Time Before the Darkness
  2. Sins of Man
  3. Carcosa
  4. Garuda
  5. We Rise
  6. World Destroyer
  7. Choice of Weapon
  8. Archangel
  9. By the Will of Crom
  10. Where the Serpent Lies
  • Bobby Lucas
  • Pat Marinelli
  • Mike Benetados
  • Brian Smith
  • Mike Sabatini


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