Origin: Sarasota, FL, USA
Genres: Death Metal
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Atheist were one of the mainstays of the Florida death metal scene of the late eighties, and by the time of their third album they had evolved into what they themselves term "death/jazz". Indeed, that third album, Elements, is often noted alongside Cynic's Focus as classics in the progressive/fusion/death metal field. By the mid-nineties the typical internal differences led to the band breaking up, with Vocalist Kelly Shaefer eventually forming the more rock-oriented band Neurotica. Finally, after years of speculation, Shaefer and crew are back together and playing select dates.

Current Members

Kelly Shaefer

vocals (ex-Neurotica)

Jason Holloway


Christopher Martin


Tony Choy

bass (Pestilence)

Steve Flynn

drums (Gnostic)

Former Members/Guests

Rand Burkey


Chris Baker

guitars (Gnostic)

Frank Emmi


Sonny Carson

guitars (Gnostic)

Jonathan Thompson

guitars/bass (Gnostic)

Roger Patterson

bass RIP: February 12, 1991, car accident, age 23

Josh Greenbaum



Piece Of Time 
  1. Piece Of Time
  2. Unholy War
  3. Room With A View
  4. On They Slay
  5. Beyond
  6. I Deny
  7. Why Bother
  8. Life
  9. No Truth
  • Kelly Shaefer
  • Rand Burkey
  • Roger Patterson
  • Steve Flynn

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Unquestionable Presence 
  1. Mother Man
  2. Unquestionable Presence
  3. Your Life's Retribution
  4. Enthralled In Essence
  5. An Incarnation's Dream
  6. The Formative Years
  7. Brains
  8. And The Psychic Saw
  • Kelly Shaefer
  • Rand Burkey
  • Tony Choy
  • Steve Flynn

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1993 Metal Blade
  1. Green
  2. Water
  3. Samba Briza
  4. Air
  5. Displacement
  6. Animal
  7. Mineral
  8. Fire
  9. Fractal Point
  10. Earth
  11. See You Again
  12. Elements
  • Kelly Shaefer
  • Rand Burkey
  • Frank Emmi
  • Tony Choy
  • Josh Greenbaum

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Unquestionable Presence: Live At Wacken  LIVE
2009 Relapse
  1. Unquestionable Presence
  2. On the Slay
  3. Unholy War
  4. Your Life's Retribution
  5. An Incarnation's Dream
  6. Mother Man
  7. And The Psychic Saw
  8. Piece Of Time
  9. Piece Of Time
  10. I Deny
  11. Unholy War
  12. Room With A View
  13. Mother Man
  14. Unquestionable Presence
  15. And The Psychic Saw
  16. An Incarnation's Dream
  17. Mineral
  18. Water
  19. Air
  • Kelly Shaefer
  • Chris Baker
  • Sonny Carson
  • Tony Choy
  • Steve Flynn

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2010 Season Of Mist
  1. Second To Sun
  2. Fictitious Glide
  3. Fraudulent Cloth
  4. Live And Live Again
  5. Faux King Christ
  6. Tortoise The Titan
  7. When The Beast
  8. Third Person
  • Kelly Shaefer
  • Chris Baker
  • Jonathan Thompson
  • Steve Flynn

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2017 Season Of Mist
  1. Piece of Time
  2. I Deny
  3. Room with a View
  4. No Truth
  5. Unquestionable Presence
  6. An Incarnation's Dream
  7. And the Psychic Saw
  8. Mother Man
  9. The Formative Years
  10. Mineral
  11. Air
  12. Water
  13. Fire
  14. On They Slay
  15. Your Life's Retribution
  16. Enthralled in Essence
  17. Second to Sun
  18. Live and Live Again
  19. Faux King Christ
  20. Fictitious Glide
  21. Tortoise the Titan
  22. Mother Man (Live at Wacken)


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