Origin: Kansas City, MO, USA
Genres: Death Metal

Angel Corpse  

Formed in 1995, Angel Corpse quickly rose to prominence as one of America's better death metal bands, with a vicious style most often likened to Morbid Angel. The band broke up in May 2000 following founder Pete Helmkamp's decision to leave for personal reasons, but Helmkamp and guitarist Gene Palubicki got back together in 2006 and released a new album in 2007 before disbanding again in early 2009.

Current Members

Pete Helmkamp


Gene Palubicki


Paul Collier


Former Members/Guests

Bill Taylor

guitars (ex-Immolation)

John Longstreth

drums (Dim Mak, ex-Gorguts, Origin, ex-Skinless, Unmerciful)

Tony Laureano

drums (ex-Acheron, Aurora Borealis, God Dethroned, Insidious Disease, ex-Malevolent Creation, ex-Nachtmystium, ex-Nile)


Hammer Of The Gods 
1996 Osmose
  1. Consecration
  2. Envenomed
  3. When Abyss Winds Return
  4. Lord of the Funeral Pyre
  5. Black Solstice
  6. Scapegoat
  7. Soulflayer
  8. Perversion Enthroned
  9. Sodomy Curse
  • Pete Helmkamp
  • Gene Palubicki
  • John Longstreth

1998 Osmose
  1. Christhammer
  2. Wartorn
  3. Into the Storm of Steel
  4. Phallelujah
  5. Reap the Whirlwind
  6. That Which Lies Upon
  7. Embrace
  8. Sons of Vengeance
  • Pete Helmkamp
  • Gene Palubicki
  • Bill Taylor
  • John Longstreth

The Inexorable 
1999 Osmose
  1. Stormgods Unbound
  2. Smoldering in Exile
  3. Reaver
  4. Wolflust
  5. As Predator to Prey
  6. Solar Wills
  7. Begotten (Through Blood and Flame)
  8. The Fall of the Idols of Flesh
  • Pete Helmkamp
  • Gene Palubicki
  • Bill Taylor
  • Tony Laureano

Of Lucifer And Lightning 
2007 Osmose
  1. Credo Decimatus
  2. Antichrist Vanguard
  3. Machinery of The Cleansing
  4. Hexensabbat
  5. Extermination Sworn
  6. Saints of Blasphemy
  7. Thrall
  8. Shining One (Rex Luciferi)
  9. Lustmord
  • Pete Helmkamp
  • Gene Palubicki
  • John Longstreth

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