Origin: Italy
Genres: Stoner Rock
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This Italian band formed in 2003 (one of the founders, drummer Stefano Longhi, is one of the main guys at Scarlet Records), completing their lineup with Danish singer Jacob Bredahl from Hatesphere. Their sound is pretty much a straight cross between the death'n'roll style of later Entombed and a more classic stoner rock vibe, really more down-and-dirty heavy rock than traditional metal, but with a mean, invigorating edge. They rarely deviate from their basic style and Bredahl's vocals are at times a bit samey, but this stuff just plain rocks. Give the band extra credit for their intriguing album covers.

Current Members


vocals (Sadist)

G.L. Perotti


Tommy Massara

guitars (Extrema)

Roberto Gelli

bass (ex-Gory Blister)

Stefano Longhi


Former Members/Guests

Jacob Bredahl

vocals (ex-Hatesphere, The Kandidate)

Massimo Gajer



Inferno Museum 
2005 Scarlet
  1. A Perfect Man
  2. Your Savior Is Here
  3. Ego Te Absolvo
  4. Miss M
  5. Inferno Museum
  6. Who's Gonna Kill My Lady?
  7. God Is Laughing
  8. Nervous Titter
  9. Gettin' Closer
  10. Devil's Kiss
  • Jacob Bredahl
  • Massimo Gajer
  • Roberto Gelli
  • Stefano Longhi

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Pain Is The Game 
2006 Scarlet
  1. Are You Ready? (Ready For Your Massacre)
  2. Superhero Motherfucker Superman
  3. Hey J
  4. Iím Not The One
  5. Demons Town
  6. Soul Man
  7. Big Money, Sweet Money
  8. The Devil, Me, Myself And I
  9. Hell On Earth
  10. The King Of Pain
  11. Amen
  • Jacob Bredahl
  • Massimo Gajer
  • Roberto Gelli
  • Stefano Longhi

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Breath Your Soul 
2009 Scarlet
  1. Intro
  2. Face to Face with the Devil
  3. The Eye of Despair
  4. Step by Step
  5. The Black Jar
  6. My Medicine
  7. Bloodtrip
  8. 21st Century Schizoid Man
  9. I Will Rise Again
  10. I'm the Zero
  11. Into My Head
  12. The Bible Babylon
  13. Into the Void
  14. Profondo Rosso/Deep Red
  • Trevor
  • G.L. Perotti
  • Tommy Massara
  • Roberto Gelli
  • Stefano Longhi


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