Origin: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Agent Steel  

It's been a rather chaotic ride for Los Angeles's Agent Steel. Arising to prominence in the mid-eighties, their two albums and EP are regarded as 80's classics, with a potent speed/thrash metal style and distinctive vocals by John Cyriis leading the way. But, amidst rumors that Cyriis was hard to work with (or for, as the case might have been), it all ended soon after 1987's Unstoppable Force. Cyriis himself seemed to disappear completely off the face of the earth (though years later he would cryptically announce a new band, Stellar Seed, which never amounted to anything), while guitarist Juan Garcia soldiered on with Evildead. Some twelve years later, most of the band, minus Cyriis, were back in action, briefly considering a name shift to Agents Of Steel before reverting to their regular name, and Agent Steel Mk II was in business, starting with 1999's Omega Conspiracy. Four years later, another name shift was considered and this time officially announced, to Order Of The Illuminati (apparently due to threatened legal action from the still-enigmatic Cyriis). After a time the legal issues were resolved, once again they were called Agent Steel, and Order Of The Illuminati became the title of their 2003 album. Another four years, another album (Alienenigma, in 2007), and finally it's all come full circle, with longtime vocalist Bruce Hall leaving the band in the spring of 2010 to be replaced by ... John Cyriis. Given his past, who knows how long this reunion will last.

Current Members

John Cyriis

vocals (ex-Abattoir)

Juan Garcia

guitars (ex-Abattoir, Body Count, ex-Evildead, Killing Machine, Masters Of Metal, ex-Obscene Gesture)

Bernie Versailles

guitars (ex-Engine, Fates Warning, Masters Of Metal, Redemption)

Karlos Medina

bass (ex-Evildead)

Rigo Amezcua

drums (Masters Of Metal)

Former Members/Guests

Bruce Hall

vocals (Psychosis)

Kurt Colfelt

guitars (ex-Holy Terror)

George Robb

bass (ex-Obscene Gesture)

Michael Zaputil


Chuck Profus

drums (ex-Obscene Gesture)


Skeptics Apocalypse 
1985 Combat
  1. The Calling
  2. Agents Of Steel
  3. Taken By Force
  4. Evil Eye / Evil Minds
  5. Bleed For The Godz
  6. Children Of The Sun
  7. 144,000 Gone
  8. Guilty As Charged
  9. Back To Reign
  • John Cyriis
  • Juan Garcia
  • Kurt Colfelt
  • George Robb
  • Chuck Profus

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(EP) Mad Locust Rising 
1985 Combat
  1. The Swarm Is Upon Us
  2. Mad Locust Rising
  3. The Ripper
  4. Let It Be Done / The Day At Guyana
  5. 144,000 Gone
  • John Cyriis
  • Juan Garcia
  • Bernie Versailles
  • Michael Zaputil
  • Chuck Profus

Unstoppable Force 
1987 Combat
  1. Unstoppable Force
  2. Never Surrender
  3. Indestructive
  4. Chosen To Stay
  5. Still Searchin'
  6. Rager
  7. The Day At Guyana
  8. Nothin' Left
  9. Traveler
  10. The Ripper (Japanese bonus track)
  • John Cyriis
  • Juan Garcia
  • Bernie Versailles
  • Michael Zaputil
  • Chuck Profus
1987 BNR Top Ten album

The Omega Conspiracy 
1999 Candlelight
  1. Destroy The Hush
  2. Illuminati Is Machine
  3. Fighting Backwards
  4. New Godz
  5. Know Your Master
  6. Infinity
  7. Awaken The Swarm
  8. Into The Nowhere
  9. Bleed Forever
  10. It's Not What You Think
  • Bruce Hall
  • Juan Garcia
  • Bernie Versailles
  • Karlos Medina
  • Chuck Profus

Order Of The Illuminati 
2003 Scarlet
  1. Avenger
  2. Ten Fists Of Nations
  3. Earth Under Lucifer
  4. Enslaved
  5. Insurrection
  6. Apocalypse
  7. Forever Black
  8. Dance Of St. Vitus
  9. Dead Eyes
  10. Kontrol
  11. Human Bullet Brainwashed
  • Bruce Hall
  • Juan Garcia
  • Bernie Versailles
  • Karlos Medina
  • Rigo Amezcua

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Live At Dynamo Open Air 
2005 Scarlet

Mad Locust Rising 
2007 Cherry Red

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2007 Mascot
  1. Fashioned From Dust
  2. Wash The Planet Clean
  3. Hail To The Chief
  4. Liberty Lying Bleeding
  5. Hybridized
  6. Extinct
  7. Wormfood
  8. W.P.D.
  9. Tiamat's Fall
  10. Lamb To The Slaughter
  • Bruce Hall
  • Juan Garcia
  • Bernie Versailles
  • Karlos Medina
  • Rigo Amezcua


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