Origin: Tampa, FL, USA
Genres: Death Metal


Acheron have been an cult band for several years, releasing albums on a several underground labels and having featured a variety of well-known death metal musicians over time as their lineup has frequently changed surrounding founder Vincent Crowley. Based on the one album reviewed here (1998's Those Who Have Risen), the basics of Acheron might be described as mid-paced Satanic death metal, with heavy, down-tuned, Celtic Frost-style guitar riffs and atmospheric keyboards that give the tunes a haunted feel. This is not a complicated band, there's little in the way of technical wizardry, but the songs are catchy in a dark kind of way, and to be honest this style really isn't all that common these days. They announced their breakup in April 2010, only to reform in December.

Current Members

Vincent Crowley


Art Taylor


Shaun Cothron


Kyle Severn

drums (Incantation)

Former Members/Guests

Vincent Breeding

lead guitar

Michael Estes

lead guitar (ex-Burning Inside, Resurrection)

Max Otworth


Peter Slate


Tony Blakk


Ben Meyer

guitars (ex-Lowbrow, ex-Nasty Savage)

John Scott


James Strauss


Mike Browning

drums (ex-Morbid Angel, ex-Nocturnus)

Richard Christy

drums (ex-Burning Inside, Control Denied, Charred Walls Of The Damned, ex-Death, ex-Iced Earth, ex-Leash Law)

Tony Laureano

drums (ex-Angel Corpse, Aurora Borealis, God Dethroned, Insidious Disease, ex-Malevolent Creation, ex-Nachtmystium, ex-Nile)


Rites Of The Black Mass 
1991 JL America
  1. Intro...To Thee We Confess
  2. Intro...Thou Art Lord
  3. Intro...Ave Satanas
  4. Intro...Summoning The Master
  5. Intro...One With Darkness
  6. Intro...Prayer Of Hell
  7. Intro...Unholy Praises
  8. Intro...Cursed Nazarene
  9. Intro...The Enochian Key
  10. Intro...Let Us Depart
  • Vincent Crowley
  • Peter Slate
  • James Strauss

(EP) Satanic Victory 
1992 Lethal
  1. Unholy Praises
  2. Seven Deadly Sins
  3. Satanic Erotica
  4. Prayer of Hell
  5. 666
  6. God is Dead
  • Vincent Crowley
  • Vincent Breeding
  • Tony Blakk
  • Mike Browning

Hail Victory 
1993 Metal Merchant
  • Vincent Crowley
  • Vincent Breeding
  • Tony Blakk
  • Mike Browning

Lex Talionis 
1994 Lethal
  1. Intro...Legions of Hatred
  2. Intro...Enter Thy Coven
  3. Intro...Slaughterization for Satan
  4. Intro...Voices Within
  5. Intro...Purification Day
  6. Intro...Inner Beasts
  7. Intro...The Entity
  8. Intro...INRI (False Prophet)
  9. Lex Talionis March (outro)
  • Vincent Crowley
  • Vincent Breeding
  • Tony Blakk
  • Mike Browning

Anti-God, Anti-Christ 
1996 Moribund
  1. Intro...Fuck the Ways of Christ
  2. Intro...Shemhamforash (The Ultimate Blasphemy)
  3. Intro...Blessed By Damnation
  4. Intro...Baptism for Devlyn Alexandra
  5. Intro...Total War
  • Vincent Crowley
  • Michael Estes
  • John Scott
  • Richard Christy

Those Who Have Risen 
1998 Full Moon
  1. Intro: Nosferatu Prelude
  2. Lifeforce (The Blood)
  3. Hekal Tiamat
  4. Necromanteion Communion
  5. Out of Body
  6. Undead Celebation
  7. Final Harvest
  8. Shurpu Kishpu
  9. The Calling
  10. Immortal Sigil
  • Vincent Crowley
  • Michael Estes
  • Ben Meyer
  • John Scott
  • Tony Laureano

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Compendium Diablarie - The Demo Days  COMPILATION
2002 Full Moon
  1. Prayer Of Hell
  2. As Thou Wilt
  3. Midnight Offering
  4. Alla Xul
  5. So It Is Done
  6. To Thee We Confess
  7. Ave Satanas
  8. To Thee We Confess
  9. Thou Art Lord
  10. Ave Satanas
  11. Summoning The Master
  12. One With Darkness
  13. Prayer Of Hell
  14. Unholy Praises
  15. Cursed Nazarene
  16. The Enochian Key
  17. Let Us Depart
  18. Alla Xul
  19. Blessed By Damnation
  20. Hekal Tiamat
  21. Necromanteion Communion

(EP) Xomaly 
2002 Warlord
  1. Predator Revealed
  2. Xomaly
  3. Resurgence of The Unholy
  4. The Kindred
  • Vincent Crowley
  • Michael Estes
  • Kyle Severn

Tribute To The Devil's Music 
2003 Black Lotus
  1. Black Sabbath
  2. Evil Dead
  3. Dawn Of Meggido
  4. Wrathchild
  5. Flag Of Hate
  6. (Don't Need) Religion
  7. Room Of Golden Air
  8. War Machine
  9. Raise The Dead
  10. Devil's Child
  11. Countess Bathory
  12. Ave Satanas

Rebirth: Metamorphosing Into Godhood 
2003 Black Lotus
  1. Chaos Invocation (Intro)
  2. Church of One
  3. Xomaly
  4. Bow Before Me
  5. The Kindred
  6. A Long Time Ago (Intro)
  7. Golgotha's Truth
  8. Betrayed (A Broken Pact)
  9. The 9th Gate
  • Vincent Crowley
  • Michael Estes
  • Kyle Severn

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Decade Infernus 1988-1998  COMPILATION
2004 Black Lotus
  1. Thou art lord
  2. God is dead
  3. Slaughterization for Satan
  4. Blessed by damnation
  5. Immortal sigil
  6. Let us depart
  7. Satanic erotica
  8. One with darkness
  9. Fuck the ways of christ
  10. Fileforce
  11. The enochian key
  12. Six six six
  13. Enter thy coven
  14. Final harvest
  15. Ave Satanas
  16. Prayer of hell
  17. Out of body
  18. Alla xul
  19. To thee we confess
  20. Shehamforash
  21. Purification day
  22. Hekal tiamat
  23. Seven deadly sins
  24. Cursed Nazarene
  25. Necromanteion communion
  26. Baptism for Devlyn Alexandra
  27. Legions of hatred
  28. Unholy praises
  29. Summoning the master
  30. Voices within
  31. Undead celebration
  32. The entity

The Final Conflict: Last Days Of God 
2009 Displeased
  1. Intro
  2. The Apocalypse
  3. Rise Of Rebellion
  4. Blood Oath (Pactum Tacitum)
  5. I Am Heathen
  6. Godless? (We Are Gods!)
  7. Salvation Through Hatred
  8. Power And Might
  9. Millennium's End
  10. A New Age
  11. Anno Armegeddon
  • Vincent Crowley
  • Max Otworth
  • Kyle Severn

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Kult Des Hasses 
2014 Listenable
  1. Daemonum Lux
  2. Satan Holds Dominion
  3. Raptured to Divine Perversion
  4. Jesus Wept (Again and Again)
  5. Thy Father Suicide
  6. Misanthropic Race
  7. Whores and Harlots
  8. Asphyxiation (Hands of God)
  9. Concubina Do Diabo
  10. Devil's Black Blood
  • Vincent Crowley
  • Art Taylor
  • Kyle Severn

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