Origin: Seattle, WA, USA
Genres: Crossover

The Accused  

The Accüsed is one of the great thrash/crossover acts of the 80's, their stature and hardcore following no doubt aided by their infamous mascot Martha Splatterhead, the psycho zombie that appears on most of their album covers and is a frequent lyrical subject (as well as, of course, part of many an album title as well). The band formed in 1981 in upstate Washington as a punk act, though by the time they started formally recording in the mid-eighties the metal influences were in effect, resulting in a potent speed/punk/crossover blend that has continued to serve the band well over the years. Notable for being a very early signing to the venerable Earache label, they remained active in the scene until 1992, when they decided to go on an extended break. Eleven years later founder Tommy Niemeyer got at least some of the guys back together to play again, though nowadays he's the only original member left in the band. They've recorded as recently as 2009 and are still active as of this writing.

Current Members

Kevin Cochneuer


Tommy Niemeyer


Warren Pease


Former Members/Guests

Blaine Cook

vocals (Denial Fiend)

Brad Mowen


Alex Sibbald


Dorando Hodous


Dana Collins


O Ring


Josh Snider


Devin Karakash


Steve Nelson


Mike Peterson



(EP) Martha Splatterhead 
1985 Condar
  1. Distractions
  2. Martha Splatterhead
  3. Slow Death
  4. Take My Time
  5. Fucking For Bux

The Return Of ... Martha Splatterhead 
1986 Subcore
  1. Martha Splatterhead
  2. Wrong Side of the Grave
  3. Take My Time
  4. Distractions
  5. Buried Alive
  6. Show No Mercy
  7. Slow Death
  8. Autopsy
  9. She's the Killer
  10. In a Death Bed
  11. Lonely Place
  12. Fuckin' 4 Bucks
  13. Martha's Revenge
  • Blaine Cook
  • Tommy Niemeyer
  • Alex Sibbald
  • Dana Collins

More Fun Than An Open Casket Funeral 
1987 Combat
  1. Halo of Flies (The Deadly Blessing)
  2. W.C.A.L.T. (We Can All Live Together)
  3. Rape (Not a Love Song)
  4. Lifeless Zone
  5. Scotty
  6. Devil Woman
  7. Bethany Home (A Place to Die)
  8. Mechanized Death (I Love to Drive)
  9. S.H.C.
  10. Judgement Day
  11. Take No Prisoners (No One Left Alive)
  12. Splatter Rock
  13. Septi-Child
  14. I'll Be Glad When You're Dead
  • Blaine Cook
  • Tommy Niemeyer
  • Alex Sibbald
  • Dana Collins

(EP) Hymns For The Deranged 
  1. Grinning
  2. Brutality & Corruption
  3. Tapping the Vein
  4. Barracuda
  5. Our Way (live)
  6. Cold Sweat (live)
  7. Highway Star (live)
  8. Symptom of the Universe (live)
  • Blaine Cook
  • Tommy Niemeyer
  • Alex Sibbald
  • O Ring

Martha Splatterhead's Maddest Stories Ever Told 
1988 Combat
  1. Psychomania (She's Dead)
  2. The Bag Lady Song
  3. Inherit the Earth (The Day of Reckoning)
  4. Deception (The Imposters)
  5. Molly's Xmas '72
  6. I'd Love to Change the World
  7. You Only Die once
  8. Sick Boy (live) (GBH cover)
  9. Chicago
  10. Starved to Death (Eatin' Your Buddies)
  11. War = Death '88 (And Beyond)
  12. The Maddest Story Ever Told
  13. Intro (From the Tingler)
  14. Scared of the Dark
  15. Losing Your Mind
  16. Smothered Her Trust
  17. Lights Out
  18. The Hearse (Traditional Nursery Rhyme)
  • Blaine Cook
  • Tommy Niemeyer
  • Alex Sibbald
  • Dana Collins

Grinning Like An Undertaker 
  1. Pounding Nails (Into the Lid of Your Coffin)
  2. Bullet-Ridden Bodies
  3. The Corpse Walks
  4. Grinning (Like An Undertaker)
  5. Down and Out (Featuring the Mad Poet)
  6. Cut & Dried
  7. Dropping Like Flies
  8. M Is for Martha
  9. Room 144
  10. When I Was a Child
  11. The Night
  12. Voices
  13. Boris the Spider (The Who? cover)
  14. Tapping the Vein
  • Blaine Cook
  • Tommy Niemeyer
  • Alex Sibbald
  • Josh Snider

(EP) Straight Razor 
  1. No Hope for Relief / Close Insight
  2. The Corpse Walks
  3. Straight Razor (Going for the Throat)
  4. Down & Out
  5. Saturday Night Special
  6. Blind Hate / Blind Rage
  7. Voices
  • Blaine Cook
  • Tommy Niemeyer
  • Alex Sibbald
  • Josh Snider

Splatter Rock 
  1. Two Hours 'Til Sunrise
  2. Stick In a Hole
  3. No Choice
  4. Lettin' Go
  5. Blind Hate / Blind Rage
  6. Greenwood House of Medicine / Don't You Have a Woman
  7. She's Back
  8. Tearin' Me Apart
  9. Green Eyed Lady
  10. Brutality and Corruption
  11. Living, Dying, Living / In a Zombie World
  • Blaine Cook
  • Tommy Niemeyer
  • Alex Sibbald
  • Devin Karakash

Oh Martha! 
2005 Condar
  1. Martha Will
  2. Fueled By Hate
  3. Crapassreality
  4. Fast Zombies Rule
  5. Dying On The Vine
  6. Hooker Fortified Pork Products
  7. Life Kills On
  8. National Embalming School
  9. Filth Hounds Of Hades (Tank Cover)
  10. Stay Dead
  11. Scream And Die
  12. Of The Body
  13. 13 Letters
  14. Have You Never Been Mellow? (Olivia Newton John Cover)
  • Blaine Cook
  • Tommy Niemeyer
  • Alex Sibbald
  • Steve Nelson

The Curse Of Martha Splatterhead 
2009 Southern Lord
  1. The Splatterbeast
  2. Stomped to Death
  3. Bodies are Rising
  4. Festival of Flesh
  5. Elijah Black
  6. Scotty Came Back
  7. Hemline
  8. Die Violently
  9. By the Hook
  10. Avenue of the Dead
  11. Fuck Sorry
  12. Martha's Disciples
  13. Seriously Dead
  14. Splatter Rock II

  • Brad Mowen
  • Tommy Niemeyer
  • Dorando Hodous
  • Mike Peterson


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