Origin: USA
Genres: Stoner Rock
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Alabama Thunderpussy  

One of those bands with a name you just can't forget, Alabama Thunderpussy have been ripping it up for years, with their earlier releases on the stoner label Man's Ruin before signing to Relapse in 2002. Reviewed here is their 2007 Open Fire effort, their first with former Exhorder frontman Kyle Thomas at the mic. The band deals in gritty, raw metal with a clear Southern edge (no real shock there, as Alabama is right there in the name), with Thomas turning one of his better vocal performances, his gritty voice a perfect match for the hardened riffing. These guys have had a loyal underground following for quite some time, and Open Fire proves the devotion and acclaim is well deserved.

After a quiet period following the release of Open Fire, coupled with Thomas' departure to return to Exhorder, the band officially announced its amicable breakup in the fall of 2008.

Current Members

Kyle Thomas

vocals (Exhorder, ex-Floodgate, Pitts Vs Preps, Trouble)

Erik Larson

guitars (ex-The Mighty Nimbus)

Ryan Lake


Mike Bryant


Bryan Cox

drums (Pitts Vs Preps)

Former Members/Guests

Johnny Throckmorton


Johnny Weils


Asechiah Bogdan

guitars (Windhand)

Bill Storms


Sam Krivanec


John Peters



Rise Again 
1998 Man's Ruin
  1. Falling Behind
  2. Victory Through Defeat
  3. Folk Lore
  4. The Lord's Prayer
  5. Get Mad/Get Even
  6. When Mercury Drops
  7. Ivy
  8. Speaking In Tongues
  9. Jackass
  10. Alto Vista
  11. Podium
  12. Fever 103
  13. Dixie
  • Johnny Throckmorton
  • Erik Larson
  • Asechiah Bogdan
  • Bill Storms
  • Bryan Cox

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River City Revival 
1999 Man's Ruin
  1. Dry Spell
  2. Spineless
  3. Heathen
  4. Mosquito
  5. Giving Up On Living
  6. Own Worst Enemy
  7. Rockin' Is Ma' Business
  • Johnny Throckmorton
  • Erik Larson
  • Asechiah Bogdan
  • Sam Krivanec
  • Bryan Cox

Constellation 00 
2000 Man's Ruin
  1. Crying Out Loud
  2. Ambition
  3. 1/4 Mile
  4. Middle Finger Salute 1271 3108
  5. 6 Shooter
  6. Second Wind
  7. Obsari
  8. Foul Play
  9. Negligence
  10. 155 Minute Drive
  11. Burden
  12. Keepsake
  13. Country Song
  • Johnny Throckmorton
  • Erik Larson
  • Asechiah Bogdan
  • Sam Krivanec
  • Bryan Cox

Staring At The Devine 
2002 Relapse
  1. Ol' Unfaithful
  2. Motor-Ready
  3. Shapeshifter
  4. Whore Adore
  5. Hunting by Echo
  6. Beck and Call
  7. Twilight Arrival
  8. Esteem Fiend
  9. S.S.D.D.
  10. Amounts That Count
  • Johnny Throckmorton
  • Erik Larson
  • Ryan Lake
  • John Peters
  • Bryan Cox

Fulton Hill 
2004 Relapse
  1. Such Is Life
  2. R.R.C.C.
  3. Wage Slave
  4. Three Stars
  5. Bear Bating
  6. Infested
  7. Alone Again
  8. Lunar Eclipse
  9. Blasphemy
  10. Do Not
  11. Sociopath Shitlist
  12. Struggling For Balance
  • Johnny Weils
  • Erik Larson
  • Ryan Lake
  • John Peters
  • Bryan Cox

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Open Fire 
2007 Relapse
  1. The Cleansing
  2. Void of Harmony
  3. Words of the Dying Man
  4. The Beggar
  5. None Shall Return
  6. Whiskey War
  7. A Dreamer's Fortune
  8. Valor
  9. Open Fire
  10. Brave the Rain
  11. Greed
  • Kyle Thomas
  • Erik Larson
  • Ryan Lake
  • Mike Bryant
  • Bryan Cox

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